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If you need to book a cheap hotel in case of a business trip or a vacation, use the best search service and book hotels and hostels quickly and cheap.

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Choosing and booking hotels for the air ticket

Booking hotels for the air ticket is an optimal and easy solution for those who doesn’t get used to wait and always appreciates one’s time.

There are plenty of advantages of such an online booking (per day, a week, or a month):

  • 1. Tickets Zone provides you with good and comfortable flights around the world as well as offers you to book the hotel for any period of residence.
  • 2. When choosing air tickets the system allows you to choose a suitable hotel from economy to elite class with a vacant rooms and saleable prices.
  • 3. If you book air tickets and hotels simultaneously, then you can cut down the expenses that you planned.
  • 4. In the majority of hotels, with which Tickets-zone collaborates, breakfast, free Wi-Fi and parking are included. Cuisine of any of the catalogue’s offers pleases you with variety and taste.
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Why is it better to book the hotel in advance?

It’s possible to book a cheap room, but you should worry about it in advance to make a good choice among available vacant rooms, to examine photos of the interior, to choose a suitable address, to study a possible service, bonuses and offers.

Before the booking you should:

  • see guest’s reviews;
  • choose a room on a site;
  • see photos.

It gives you a general idea of the hotels, helps to make a right choice from those variants that will be offered by the site. After this you can start searching air tickets and hotels suitable for them by streets, vacant rooms and time of an arrival.

Also the provided system makes it possible to save money if you make a complex purchase and this package will be registered. The size of a bonus depends on the choice of the direction, type of the hotel and the number of days that you plan to stay.

Инструкция по бронированию

The booking instruction

In order to start booking go to a section “Services” and “Hotels booking”. Enter a name of the city, date of an arrival and departure and also the numbers of your guests in an empty field.

For example, let’s look for cheap rooms in the capital of France, Paris, for the period of time from 23.04.2018 to 30.04.2018 for two persons. 432 available objects are shown with an approximate cost of 4500$ for 7 days. With a help of the filter you can easily sort them by popularity, rating, stars, discounts or remoteness from the center.

You can choose a room with a view on a prospect or to move away from the city bustle on the contrary.

Thus when you find a suitable option in the city or a region and look through its general information, you should just to book the room and pay for it in whole or in part choosing any of the payment methods which are convenient for you.

Choose the best prices and take part in the most profitable promotions when booking hotels with Tickets-zone service.

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